is a rogue-like 2d turn-based action game with RPG elements, where there is no room for friendly NPCs or safe locations. Using tactics, various kinds of weapons,
and your character’s skills,
 fight your way through hordes of enemies and try to get off the station.

It’s 2115. Something terrible has happened on board the research space station Wanderer, and the former space marine Max Carnage becomes an unwilling participant in these events. He has to remember his military past — it is the only way to survive.

Collect weapons, get ammo and medkits, engage your wits and your tactical thinking.  There is a horde of rampaging enemies between you and the way off the station, so only the most prepared, smart and lucky will be able to overcome this exciting storyvival!

  • Lots of enemies, lack of ammo, death is permanent. Let’s rock! 
  • Energy is the key. Choose wisely how to spend it.
  • Tons of weapons and items — feel free to use them all!
  • Level up your character’s skills, craft armor and weapons, unlock new skills and bonuses. Remember, even after you’re dead you can still get a nice reward!
  • ISS «Wanderer» is generated randomly every time — each new attempt — new experience.
  • Simple and catchy gameplay. It is really easy to get started. Lots of death and challenges included.